We make many types of specialty and standard flavored cupcakes that can be ordered in mini, standard, or jumbo sizes.  Our cupcakes can be ordered by the half dozen per flavor for standard and jumbo sizes and by the dozen for mini size.  Our specialty frostings are made with one of the following base frostings: cream cheese, American buttercream, or European buttercream.  


Standard Flavors (Vanilla or Chocolate Cake with Vanilla or Chocolate Frosting)

Mini Cupcakes   $15/doz.

   Standard Cupcakes  $14/half doz.

  Standard Cupcakes  $27/doz.


Specialty Flavors

Mini Cupcakes   $18/doz.

 Standard Cupcakes  $17/half doz.

 Standard Cupcakes  $33/doz.